7/7 Mythic Highmaul | 9/10 Mythic BRF


We're Vindicatum,

We're the premier raiding guild on Iceygos (Icecrown+Malygos)

We do on a strict 3 day schedule what most guilds try to accomplish in 4 or 5. On fewer hours. We like playing games together and our core member group has been established since Vanilla. We always welcome people who adhere to our philosophy and mindset and look for exceptional players to join us in our progression pushes. Head over to our about+application forum if you're interested in joining us.

Loot Council

Loot is just a means to an end for us. We make use of an Open Loot Council. Gear is given to create the largest impact on the raid. Members discuss drops, and if the upgrade is even, or too close to really call, Officers break the tie based on performance, attendance, and looting history. We trust our raiders to be most interested in improving our raid, not their gear score.

3-day Strict Schedule.

We raid:

  • Wednesday 9pm - 12:15pm
  • Sunday 8pm - 12:15pm
  • Monday 9pm - 12:15pm


We maintain a competitive raid team on a true three-day-a-week schedule. Lower raid times are no reason to fail to clear all available content in a timely fashion. We raid because we enjoy raiding and the people we raid with. That said, our goal as a guild is to progress as quickly and efficiently as possible. When it’s time to get serious, we do so.

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We've been around a while.

  • Kaelthas

    Burning Crusade

    Sep + Neurth form the supergroup

    Insert overhyped shit about our beginnings

  • M'uru.jpg

    World 72

    A legend is born

    We pwn'd Mu'ru or some shit

  • Wrathnaxx

    Wrath of the Lich King

    Came out swingin'

    We pretty much wrecked. Until shadowtrap. Then we broke up. *sniffle*

  • Cataclysm


    A reformation

    Neurth sounds the trumpets of war, the faithful answer the call.

  • Garrosh


    Lows and Highs

    Some shit happened, and then we pooped on Reminiscence and most of the rest of the world.